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Relocating to Bend, Oregon doesn’t have to be a challenge.

We have brokers in-house specializing in Bend relocation who are happy to help with your relocation needs, including:

  • Getting your current home sold anywhere in the world. Our exclusive Leverage Global Partnership provides us with a trusted network of real estate professionals world-wide. If you have a house to sell, we can find the right person to help you!
  • Finding you a new home in Bend or surrounding areas.
  • Temporary rental housing. We are proud to have forged relationships with local property managers we have vetted and trust to offer a referral to. If you need transitional or temporary rental housing, we can help.
  • Job placement assistance. Our corporate relocation specialist has worked hard to develop relationships with some of the top employers in the area. If you’re looking to relocate, but need assistance finding a new position in the area, we may be able to help.
  • Tours and information. If you plan on visiting Bend soon, we are happy to pair you with one of our seasoned brokers who can show you around town, introduce you to the top local spots, and provide you with the pertinent information you need to make a smooth transition.



Bend Relocation Services



We’re here to help you. No pressure, no hassle, no obligation!

Wherever your journey takes you…

Wherever your journey takes you, we want you to know, if you need to buy or sell real estate, we are available to serve you. While you know us as a local brokerage in Bend what you might not know is that through our association with Leverage Global Partners, we have access to more than 160 national and international markets. Anywhere from Los Angeles to London and beyond, we can assist you or anyone else who is looking to buy or sell real estate in virtually any location.

We have personal relationships with top brokers from around the globe to handle your needs discreetly and with the same level of care and attention to detail that you expect from us and Total Property Resources.








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