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Janis K. Alexander


Jan is currently the Chief Operations Officer at Ambrose Law Group LLC (“ALG”), a boutique real estate/finance law firm with offices in the Pearl District in Portland, Oregon and a branch office in Bend, Oregon, which she assisted in forming in 1991. Jan has worked for 30 plus years in small, medium and large law firms in Portland, Oregon, and currently is active in a number of legal organizations, including the American Bar Association (“ABA”), Law Practice Division (“LP”); Association of Legal Administrators (“ALA”); ALA Oregon and the Oregon State Bar Law Practice Management Section (“OSB LPM”).

Since the formation of ALG, Jan has been responsible for all aspects of its technology plan (including planning, installation and maintenance of its systems). She has also been instrumental in implementing a “PaperLESS” Office Concept at ALG. Her passion is to create a purely electronic environment at ALG in order to save ALG and its clients money and resources. She was interviewed for and also worked on the Small Biz Makeover by Fortune Small Business Magazine article on behalf of ALG, as well as the follow-up article.

Jan has been a frequent speaker on technology, finance and operations issues at ABA Annual Meetings, ABA Techshow, OSB/ALA Oregon Legal Tech Programs, ALA Region 5 Annual Program, Oregon State Bar LPM Programs, ALI and LegalTech Programs in various cities. She has also written and participated in articles on finance and technology topics, such as “Leveling the Playing Field–A Small Firm’s Account,” and “Best Practices Forum” for ALA Oregon Magazine and “Quick Tips for Tuning Up Your Firm’s Finances” and “Financial Tune-Ups for Your Law Firm” by Lawyers USA (June 2012 and November 2012 Editions).

Jan currently is a member of the Education Board, Membership Development Committee, Sponsorship Committee and Webzine Board to the ABA Law Practice Division. She was a former Region 5 Officer for ALA and the Region 5 Conference Co-Chair, along with holding local board positions for ALA Oregon.


Jan is also an entrepreneur and is President and CEO of  Total Real Estate Group and COO of other various real estate-related companies.

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Beth Kenney Headshot
Beth Kenney

“Beth worked hard for us and guided us successfully through a crazy-competitive market! Our search lasted many months as our situation and priorities evolved through pandemic and job changes. She listened carefully to our criteria, kept us informed on the market, and was always available when we needed to see a house (or 5) before we lost our chance. I appreciated her advice on pricing and strategy and her willingness to let us decide what we could spend on each particular home. We lost out on a few hot sellers but ended up with a lovely setting and a good investment. I highly recommend Beth as a real estate agent in the Bend area!”

Marci Wolke
Marci Wolke

“Marci worked her tail off to find us a wonderful home. She steered us clear of some “bad ideas” and got us a great deal on a brand new home. Marci really knows her stuff, has great taste, and will spend the time to make sure you get the right home. Plus, she’s fun to hang around with!”

Beth Kenney Headshot
Beth Kenney

“Beth was great! She spent so much time answering our questions and was so responsive…at all hours of the day/night! She was personable, knowledgeable, and generous. We highly recommend her!”