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“Homeowner Advocacy and Legal Options Program”

Presented by

Total Property Resources LLC and Ambrose Law Group LLC

Total Property Resources, LLC, in conjunction with Ambrose Law Group LLC, is proud to present HALO — the “Homeowner Advocacy and Legal Options” program–for your home and investment real estate.

In this difficult economic climate, borrowers/property owners are struggling to understand the options they have in dealing with properties which are underwater, weighed down by secured loans which substantially exceed the current value of their properties. Total Property Resources LLC, a real estate sales brokerage firm, with a number of brokers specializing in the negotiation, marketing and sale of underwater properties, has associated with Ambrose Law Group LLC, a law firm with a focus on the representation of parties involved in the real estate industry, to advise and inform its clients about the myriad legal issues surrounding their home and investment loans, including the possibility of deficiency claims and securing waivers from lenders, receipt of 1099’s reflecting phantom income as a result of debt forgiveness, the treatment of the same, and the various legislation which may assist borrowers from having to pay tax on such debt forgiveness, and then identifying the options available to borrowers and empowering them in the decision making process, which may include proceeding with a short sale, but may also include consideration of alternatives such as deeds in lieu of foreclosure, foreclosure, bankruptcy and possibly litigation challenging the lender’s action. The program is designed to assist and educate the borrowers/property owners in dealing rationally with this emotionally charged and stressful situation. Contact us today to obtain more information about this program.

Total Property Resources and Ambrose Law Group are working with YOU, for YOU, through HALO–advocating on your behalf and identifying those legal options you have.

For further information, contact David R. Ambrose (Principal/CEO of Ambrose Law Group LLC) at 503.467.7217, or Janis K. Alexander (COO of Ambrose Law Group LLC) at 503.467.7237, for further information or to set up an appointment.

We look forwarding to helping you evaluate your options.