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November 9, 2016 · by Cheri Smith & Molly Brundage

Which are the best neighborhoods in Bend? Naturally when someone decides to relocate to Bend, OR they want to know which neighborhoods are the best or most desirable. In this series of 4 posts, we will provide information about the 13 different neighborhoods in Bend, OR. Hopefully this post will help you get a feel for which Bend, OR neighborhood will be the best fit for you.

In this final post of the series, we focus on the neighborhoods in NE Bend, OR. The maps above and below will show you where each neighborhood is located (click on the map to enlarge it), and within each neighborhood, there are numerous subdivisions. Below is a list of the main neighborhoods in NE Bend.

Why do people want to live in NE Bend? If your heart is set on living in Bend but you’re concerned about affordability, NE Bend may be a great fit. NE Bend is the most affordable part of town. The median home price is about 16% below Bend’s overall median home price. The overall vibe is different from the east side to the west. If you don’t care for the hustle and bustle of downtown and the west side and are looking for a quieter way of life, the east side may be more your style. Even if you do love the west side but not the west side price tag, one thing to remember is that many neighborhoods in NE Bend are still very close to the west side amenities. St. Charles Medical Center is located in NE Bend so it’s a natural fit if you want to be close to medical services. There are numerous shopping centers in NE Bend including the Bend River Promenade (Macy’s, TJ Maxx, Hobby Lobby, Natural Grocers), The Forum Shopping Center (Costco, Barnes & Noble, Pier 1, Whole Foods, Old Navy), and Cascade Village Shopping Center (Trader Joe’s, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Rue 21, Ross, Petsmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, World Market). The NE side has its own recreational opportunities like Juniper Swim & Fitness Center, the Badlands Wilderness AreaPilot Butte State Park, and Pine Nursery Park. The east side now has its very own brewery, Worthy Brewing Company.

Which schools will my children attend? If you live in NE Bend, the school attendance areas vary from one subdivision to the next, so if you have your heart set on a particular school, make sure you check with the Bend LaPine School District to verify which school your child will attend. Schools serving this area include Ponderosa Elementary, Lava Ridge Elementary, Juniper Elementary, Buckingham Elementary, Pilot Butte Middle School, Sky View Middle School, Mountain View High School, Bend Senior High School.

ne-bend-subdivision-mapNortheast Bend Neighborhoods:

BOYD ACRES – The Boyd Acres Neighborhood comprises the northernmost section of Bend. The other boundaries are generally the Deschutes River on the west, Mt. Washington Dr. and Butler Market on the south, Purcell and the city limits on the east. Boyd Acres is home to numerous parks and trails including Boyd Park, Canal Row Park, Harvest Park, Pine Nursery Park, Sawyer Park on the Deschutes River, Deschutes Memorial Gardens, and Rock Ridge Park. Access to Hwy 97 is very convenient in this part of town. There’s quite a bit of new construction happening in Boyd Acres but you’ll also find homes that were built in the late 1970’s. Popular subdivisions include Westerly, Sawyer Reach, Quiet Canyon, Lava Meadows, Lava Ridges, McCall Landing, Quail Crossing, Canal Row, Yardley Estates, and Tango Creek.

MOUNTAIN VIEW – Mountain View is the easternmost neighborhood in NE Bend. Boundaries are roughly Hwy 20 to the south, Eagle Rd. and the city limits on the east, Butler Market on the north, and Pilot Butte and Meadow Ln. on the west. St Charles Medical Center and many other medical facilities are located in the Medical District Overlay Zone, a specially zoned area within the Mountain View boundaries. Worthy Brewing and The Forum Shopping Center are part of Mountain View. Mountain View is home to several parks including Al Moody, Mountain View, Providence, Canal Park, and the southern boundary of Pine Nursery Park. Popular subdivisions include Sandalwood, Mirada, Oakview, Holliday Park, Breckenridge, Cottage Canyon, Winchester Arms, Tamarack Park, Suntree.

ORCHARD DISTRICT – Within NE Bend, the Orchard District is the closest to downtown and Bend’s west side. The boundaries are roughly the parkway and Division on the west, Franklin Ave. on the south, Pilot Butte, Meadow Ln. and Butler Market Rd. on the east, and the North Unit Canal, Quiet Canyon and Kayak on the north. The name is true to its roots as this area was an apple orchard in the 1930’s and an agricultural experiment for a climate challenged area such as Central Oregon. Many of the remnants of the orchard still exist today including fruit trees and structures. The Orchard District is home to the up and coming “Midtown” area. Parks in the Orchard District include Laurel Pocket Park, Franklin’s Corner Community Garden, Orchard Park, Hollinshead Park, Dutch Stover Park, Pilot Butte State Park, and Juniper Park. The Orchard District is also home to Juniper Swim and Fitness Center, the Bend Park & Recreation District’s community health, fitness and recreation facility. Popular neighborhoods include Wiestoria, 8th St Cottages, Orchard Hill, Jones Farm, Hampton Park, and Hollinshead Heights.

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